Voter ID Volunteer

  We are facing the real chance of voter fraud up in the millions in this midterm election. Otherwise would there be such a fight to keep voter ID out. When you need an ID in every aspect of our daily lives.

Lets take a look at the possibility of would COULD easily happen and how. This is only to bring awareness, not selling paranoia. There is a big difference.

Obama administration has brought thousands illegals from Syria alone. Without going through customs, giving each the sum of $10,000.00 pockets money. Found housing, foodstamps and free healthcare. The same was done with several thousands from other middle east and Africa. We have seen the invasion on our southern border. Being flown by the feds throughout the U.S.

Obama is setting for the right moment very soon. While everyone is looking at Ebola. Over a week end when congress can do nothing to block him. He will sign full amnesty along with full citizenship. Making them able to vote. And who do you think all these invaders are going to vote for? Hostile take over of the U.S.

What do we do? Wake up your friends and family that just blow of the vote. Get them registered, get em to the polls. Wake up all your church’s and those members. They can no longer set this one out from fear of losing their tax exemption. They will lose a lot more in freedom to worship and carry Gods word.

Last but not least. When you go to the polls, proclaim your self as a U.S. Constitution Defender. Show your ID even if not required.  Say and show it loud you won’t allow your nation to be overthrown. Call and write all of your state and federal officials. Just make some kind of positive stand.

See you at the polls. And once again I do hope I am wrong. But have called to many things that have happened.



Be Careful What You Ask For

When asking the federal government to fix something FOR us. That has became a problem due to what appears to be their ignorance or down right stupidity. Is like asking a grizzly to hold our salmon for us. Thinking we are going to get it back in one piece. Look at history. Where has it ever came out good for the everyday citizen?

If looking objectively and honest of what is going on around us. We can see where the federal government is playing us like a nickel pin ball machine. Having us dance to their two string fiddle. Setting us up on all four sides. For what? Lets think.

We now have Ebola in North America. Instead of containing it where it was at. Halting all travel from there into the U.S. as well as quarantine of those coming from there.  We now have it in country with more than one case. One dead for sure from it.

Fear of what might happen of the unknown. There has been talk of  Ebola camps. (just happen to have some FEMA camps ready)  Along the the numerous disease’s coming into the U.S. by illegals. Being flown throughout by the federal government. Putting together the building blocks of a real national pandemic. To what avail you ask, a pandemic is justification for Marshal Law with FEMA in total control. ( you should read that law, will make your blood run cold.)

Yes that is only one.  Obama administration and the propaganda media take race baiting to a true “Hate”. Much more than the 60’s ever did. His supporters calling for uprisings. With the New Black Panthers and Code Pink . Code Pink sounds sweet but it the new name for the Weather Underground. Who’s main desire is to over throw the government by force. So they call for and organize riots. They was instigators for the riots in Egypt Arab spring. (a story of its own) Why would they? Marshal Law out of total chaos. No more elections, the one in power has absolute power. NO more Bill of Rights. The media keep the hate fresh with racial bias reporting.

Our debt collectors will be coming soon now that our rating is about to take another hit. As well as the dollar. Our monies being poured into Africa, Palistine, Al Qaeda, Hamas and every terrorist organization. Disarming and misusing our military. All the while triple down on arming FEMA, HLS and every other federal organization. With requirements to be able to fire on U.S. citizens. All who have spent their lives building 401k’s, retirement funds along with social security will be seized. That’s why Marshal Law is in motion. The redistribution of wealth will bring riots as well.

  These are just a few set ups. At one time or another fear based cries for the federal government to protect or fix something that didn’t need fixing.  Personal rights and freedoms are often the price.

So when you go to the polls for mid term elections.  Remember those who back the maniac and his gangsters. Because your being shook down and set up for the sucker punch.

Your country, constitution, liberty and all your personal beliefs of your faith are at risk………     Pray



The REAL Racism In St. Louis

Besides a fire about two and a half feet tall, the thing that burns my ass up is racial marginalization, and racial favoritism. I’m as white as a snowflake and feel as though every person of any other color considers me a “racist”, or “racially prejudice” toward them. No matter how bad or vile they talk to me, treat me, or whatever laws they want to break, I’m the bad guy. Because of their powerlessness of ethnicity somehow I am ultimately responsible for their predicament of ethnicity. I began feeling this treatment in 1982 and it’s only gotten more intense toward me as the years drift by.

Last night an armed thug tried to shoot an off-duty police officer moonlighting as an armed security guard. The assailant was 18, black and was ultimately shot and killed by the security guard (police officer). Shortly afterward an outcry from the “black propaganda” machine in St. Louis painted an outlandish picture of a hapless teen being gunned down for no good reason by a white cop.

I’m going to clue you dumbasses in. I’m tired of my race being the scapegoat for your lazy, drug-addicted, can’t-find-a-job, freeloading, loudmouthed, rights-abusing, card-carrying, pimping, bully-assed RACISM! You are the racists, and most intelligent individuals know this as a fact. You marginalize yourselves with the abusive rhetoric you slop at the other races.  Two times groups representing themselves as concerned protestors for the black communities in St. Louis have chanted “Who do we want?” “Darren Wilson.” “How do we want him?” “Dead.” If a white group said that sort of thing they would arrest them. Oh, that’s right, they did. They were the KKK, and they were arrested in Georgia for the very same thing. Who do you a%#holes think you are? I’ll help you with this answer. You are the black KKK (Black Panthers). I’ve been interracially married for 33 years and my entire family is sickened by your inflamed, racist agenda. I didn’t think it was physically possible to suck and blow simultaneously but it is with you because you are “true racists” hiding behind your minority status. You will marginalize yourselves and your race right out of validity. Here’s your last clue. The document states “We the people…” not “Me the people”. Peace, out.


Don’t Let The Name Scare You

  If this is your first visit to our site. Or have not visited our home page. The title in it self probably appears rather radical in nature. I would like to ease your minds somewhat if I can.

  Let me start by saying  this site does NOT encourage or condone the actual Tar & Feathering of anyone

We are Constitution Defenders.  And bring to light anyone of anyone foreign or domestic. That tries to pick it apart, destroy it or believe they are above it. From the top down and all in between.

The name is a reminder to those who should take heed. The American citizens are very capable of rising . Dealing with untouchable tyrants who once before out gunned and out numbered the common citizen. No threat of any kind mind you just a reminder.

Through the last few decades it seems that we have had more freedoms taken away for security. And as once said we will have none of either by doing so. Each administration is guilty.

Never before have we had a (p)resident and administration across the board. That is in your face, thumb their nose, slap and spit in the face of the American people. The Federal laws and the Constitution.

Need not take my word for it. Type in Number of Obama Sandals (20) Obama Lies by the Numbers (over 130) Federal Laws Broken by Obama /Administration (30)  Federal (liberal) Judge on Obama’s Social Security Number Fraud ” It doesn’t matter that the (p)resident broke the law” Dismissed it!

Every week it is something that is very questionable or out right, down right illegal and or Treasonous. By him or someone in the administration. Laughing at the you and me.

It takes more than a few web sites ,Talk Radio and TV to push and protect the Constitution and Freedom.  One voice is whisper, enough together becomes thunder.

So you tell me is this a life and death struggle of ourselves and our nation? If so, what are you going to do about it?



It Smells Of A Staged Setup

  All these new failings of the Secret Service has all the markings of presetting  a stage for a bogus attempt against the (p)resident.

The fence jumper with a knife making it all the way to the green room. As well as the man in the elevator having his own firearm. Neither of these seem possible with any Secret Service.

  Why go to all the trouble?  With a bogus attempt involving anyone with a fire arm discharge near the (p)resident.  With the great actors they can be. Along with the insane propaganda media. This will be his push for sweepings gun control. Forcing a spineless congress to sign into the U.N small arms ban. Who has already put a ban on lead ammo claiming  conservation concerns.

I am NOT saying that this is in fact what is happening.  I would put nothing past this administration to force its agenda. Just saying this smells of a setup as evil as any other scandal.

I truly pray that I am wrong. If not remember you heard it here first.

I welcome your thoughts and prospective.


Not Even A False Sense of Security

The best way I can think of to start this;

God grant US the serenity

To accept the things We cannot change

The courage to change the things We can

And the wisdom to know the difference

Never the lest Thy will be done

So much at first glance looks like some success towards the end of lawlessness and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution by Eric Holder and the DOJ.  A baby step, yet a step it seems. Maybe justice will be served for Fast & Furious, IRS and a number of other scandals.  Eric Holder and all of the Obama administration.  Taking the lead  with twisting or ignoring Constitution and Federal laws. We now have his resignation it seems.  Hope of prosecution and real justice.

Why do I feel like I’m a school boy whistling through the grave yard at midnight?  Maybe because this administration has never done anything above table with any kind of honor. Side stepping congress at every turn.  Trying to give away the sovereignty signing agreements of surrender to a foreign power… the United Nations.

Now here we are stepping into the middle of exactly what we have spoke of in the preceding articles.

The (p)resident made his appearance on ABC saying he had no intelligence report on the strength of what he calls ISIL.  He has it half right. Being he never knows anything about nothing, he lacks intelligence about keeping the U.S. safe.  The rest of the free world know them as ISIS.  When the pentagon told him 8 months ago of their strength,  intentions and actions of ISIS.  The other names Al Qaeda, Hamas, Taliban all sprung up from the oldest terrorist organization. That of whom this (p)resident has filled him every corner of his administration and military. The Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood started in 1928.  Made their manifesto of their conquest to destroy the U.S. in 1965.  Like a cross between ticks & termites working ever so deep and silent.  Paying hundreds of millions of dollars into colleges large and small throughout the  United States.  Pushing socialist progressive agenda throughout. To go into detail would take a lot of space. Suggest researching fully.

Something is deeply wrong with this so called destruction of ISIS by the (p)resident.  Going into Syria to do so. When the President of Syria has asked him to stop giving arms and support to Al Qaeda and… ISIS in his country.  Even Iran has protested Obama arming and giving comfort to ISIS because they are a threat to their control and power. Why?

The attack in the U.S. has been going on for sometime.  A man in Buffalo NY took the head off his wife that was trying to leave him in the early 2009.  Claimed his right of “honor”. The details of his trial is nowhere to be found.  Fort Hood attack and now Oklahoma beheading.  Denying  the facts of the cry of the terrorist is in fact the act of terrorist.

Who the hell is this we have placed the safety and future of the People of the United States in?  His administration pushing out, forcing out our trained service men and women. And offering enlistment to illegals from Syria and south of the border.  U.S. citizens being groped, going through shameful inspections by the TSA.  Yet thousands from Syria, Libya and Africa enter without question.

Everyday the American people move along.  Media would rather talk about what is wrong in a small suburb of Missouri.  Good I guess that the possible dangers can be buried in the mind.  Until another attack takes the lives of someone close to us. Then the demand for the warnings and answers afterwards. Educate our selves to have awareness. Not living in fear or paranoia but readiness. And keep your loved ones close, telling them you love them each time you part even shortly.

What can we do?  Push for traceable voter ID to stop voter fraud. Vote out each and every single one that does not follow the oath of office. Real justice for those in power that break those laws. Not full filling their jobs.  There are 300 bills in the senate not being allowed for a vote. Always keeping a strong defense.

Well touched on several areas.  The mind gets boggled for sure with all the underhanded dealings of this administration. … Pick a spot or topic. Let me hear from you.


Insanity Continues To Be In The Making

Wha…What the Hell?

We are witnessing the full manipulation by (p)resident Obama, John Kerry and the Progressive Rhino GOP John McCain. Along with other manipulating Progressive Socialist of both parties. If the hat seems to fit the Speaker of the House, then it just does. He has done little to stand between the Obama Radical Agenda and the U.S. Constitution.

If you haven’t heard it from the propaganda media. The (p)resident has gotten the blessing with the backing of (Joan) John McCain and (Nancy) Lensy Graham. To arm, train and support the “rebel” Al Qaeda in Syria. All Obama needs to do is “check in” with congress now and then.  And I repeat myself… What The Hell? Train, arm and support the enemy that has swore to destroy the U.S. and Jews. From the face of the earth and or enslave. And hope it don’t come back to bite us in the ass..?

And why not, our readiness is below that of per WW-1. That’s one not two before Pearl Harbor. This administration has made it a steady job dismantling our military and defense’s. That is a whole story of its self. Needing the funding for social programs. Of course sending arms to Egypt as well as Hamas, Taliban and Insurgents in Afghanistan.

I did find myself agreeing with one democrat. He suggested the U.S. raise taxes to support the reopening of the draft.  We are in a real bad spot to even do that anymore. Not having the industry or energy supply needed to rebuild a defense/war machine. The man power to train and put into the field would take a year to be effective. In opening that draft with the meaning of the oath being less. How many insurgents would we enlist? Not being allowed to “profile” by the ACLU.

If we could now get rid of the insurgents in the White House, Congress and the Courts.  Just recently every Democrat in Harry Reids Senate voted to amend the 1st amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As well as to support the ending of term limits for the office of president.

The voter is the answer. Is the person you want in office fully vetted? Or a full Constitution Patriot? Right now contact your Senator and Congressman. Do you want to be a part of aiding and comforting a culture who’s aim in life is to kill or enslave you, your children or grand children. To do nothing is treason against them and your nation.  Stand!!

I am looking forward to your comments


Obama’s Remarkable Speech on ISIS

First let me start by saying that I did not listen to all of Obama’s speech. What I did hear and read about was in fact remarkable. Surprised how remarkably stupid and ignorant these plans at simple face value are.

What is not surprising they are trying to sell old faulty plan that has cost us more in security of our nation for decades.  Being supported by every Progressive Liberal and Rhino Progressive Republican and Democrat.

To train, arm and support the rebel/freedom fighters?!!  Where anywhere in resent history has this ever worked? Even in Mexico our special force’s trained their force’s to deal with the cartels. Only for many of them to desert for higher pay and work for the cartels themselves. We trained, armed and supported. Now they are invading the U.S. across our southern border. Killing our agents armed from guns and ammo from Fast & Furious. Still no answer for  Obama’s and the DOJ’s part in it.

The U.S. trained, armed and supported (much help never made it) Osama Bin Laden. To fight against the Russians, we see how well that turned out. Hundreds of stinger missiles has yet to be accounted for. Al Qaeda spread through out the world due to lack of resolve by the U.S. and the west.

The U.S. (secretly) trained, armed and supported Hussein’s Iraq against Iran. Then where did we go to chase Al Qaeda and WMD’s? (that I believe was moved to Syria)  Fought against our weapons and training. Was able to overwhelm with a 36 counties backing us. (Obama has 9)

We went into Afghanistan, trained, armed and supported every insurgent (against the U.S. mostly depending who paid more.) Where the death rate of American service men and women was 4 times higher under Obama’s rules of engagement. To protect civilians  regardless of harboring the enemy many in police and Afghan military uniforms. killing Americans while we trained them.

The Obama administration supported the Arab Spring in Egypt. Over throwing the setting government for the Muslim Brotherhood. Of which he sold hundreds of the newest tanks and fighters. With complete training and weapons. Only to have the Egyptian’s throw the Muslim Brotherhood out. And called Obama Muslim Brotherhood in full public media. Never heard that from CNN did ya?

Now things much faster from here in what seems to be from movie plot.

We go to Libya.. flying sorties, arming rebel/freedom fighters against Kadafi.  Knowing but denying that the “rebels” was in fact AlQaeda. The very same that our troupes was in combat against in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Very soon the setting government overthrown.  Strange things happened.

All the mass amounts of weapons (including gas) missiles, heavy and hand held. Military equipment of every sort seemed to just disappear and show up with the rebel/freedom fighters of Syria. The Prime Minister of Turkey leaves the compound of our U.S. Ambassador Stevens. And just happens to come under attack almost an hour later. Where he and 4 other Americans were assassinated. (yes I said it) Still no real answers as of yet. Lots of desk pounding but nothing yet.

Meanwhile the rebels in Syria had little to fight with came up with a full war chest. Gas attack out of nowhere (just happens some missing from Libya stockpiles. Obama, Kerry and Joan..er ah I mean John McCain and other progressive GOP along with liberals press congress to train, arm and support.  Being denied those funds they do it anyway around congress in Jordan. Jezzz

Somehow out of his great wisdom, (p)resident Obama release’s 5 top Taliban leaders. Traded for 1 U.S deserter. Within a very short time ISIS started Storm Trooping across Iraq. Gathering more arms we left behind. (A whole other story) Killing, lopping heads off women and children doing much worse if you have been reading at all. Strange how ISIS made their rise so fast after the 5 was released.

Now they really have the balls to do it again. It sounds like it will happen again. Anyone stand for no in congress Obama will go around it. And get support from the progressive GOP and dems.

This again will be aiding and giving comfort to the enemy. Nothing short of it. That’s why in his speech he was careful of the title terrorist.

The following statement are just mine. I have no proof, just thought. If anyone has proof would love to see it.

#1 ) I do not believe Osama Bin Laden is dead. It was all show for this administration to have a claim to fame. Why was he buried at sea? Why was the only full team of Navy SEAL’s that could prove different be assassinated in Afghanistan. All in one chopper? By an APG? Not  likely. Smelled like a set up from the get go. Strange also how the Commander of that team killed himself as well. To many DOTS connect to many unanswered questions.

#2) Ambassador Stevens I believe was assassinated. He knew and was trying to stop the flow of weapons leaving Libya.  Along with his rescuer’s murdered. There is still no answer for where they went from Libya. Or how the “rebels” (Al Qaeda) in Syria got the traced weapons.  Obama always declares those responsible will pay. But NEVER has and NEVER will. From the beginning with his goons buzzin New York in Air Force one. To the IRS and Benghazi.

#3) I believe the Treason is running high, wide and deep. How is it we cannot and have not stopped real life enemies from crossing our borders? All four corners leak like a screen door. Flying in “Syrians” in by the thousands without keeping track of them. Any Muslim dressed as a woman flying in or out never checked. Why so many trying or not stopping the destruction of the Constitution. Why isn’t the full force of the media informing Americans full story of what has already been signed over to the U.N?

#4) (p)resident Obama has no intention of stopping, slowing down or destroying ISIS. Or any other Islamic Terrorist group. He can’t or won’t admit they and he are of the same religious belief. His extreme is just well hidden(almost) of his hatred for the United States. Sad that our government is so infested with treasonous progressive’s so willing to dismantle the greatest country. One that people chance life and limb to get here. And they are welcome, as we are with all our failings. look behind you what you left. We need not change for you. But you adjust to us.

I do hope to read your prospective.



What Is Obama’s Title?

The President of The United States?

That would mean being the  President of ALL people of the United States. Of every race, creed and religion.  In stead of dividing the nation by race more than anyone ever in the history of the country.  By special consideration of  race, creed and or religion of his choosing.  Has driven a wedge of hatred and resentment that will take many decades more to repair.

There are no special victims.  The only victims are the American citizen that has fell into the idea that class or race of any kind makes them exempt from the laws of the land.  The rich being able to buy representation to get them out of most anything.  Or getting delayed for their life time.  Doesn’t matter if your a Supreme Court Justice, Attorney General or President.  There is No such exemption to Justice.

If you as a “leader”  break the laws that are put in place for all Americans.  Your are a worse criminal than the average citizens.  Lower than those that feel they are justified to burn out stores, beat, kill and rob on the street.

(To those of you if any reading this does any of those things because life has done you wrong.  Get educated, cleaned up and learn to change the system by legal means. Its been done for hundreds of years)

To be President of the United States there is an oath to protect those laws, the Constitution and ALL people of the United States.  Within the direction of those laws set by the Constitution by the three (3) branch system of a government. To provide protection from a single person or group becoming a tyrant ruler/king/dictator.

So lets just take a few things that we have witnessed from Obama and his administration. Trying to bring to light some of the most resent actions. If interested there are many articles here at Tar & Feather Constitution Patriot.

Lets start with just a couple on the constitution.

Through executive order signed by (p)resident Obama to extend term limits to unlimited.  If ratified by congress there will be no stopping the madness. It wouldn’t be so worrisome if it wasn’t by the Progressive Liberals (both parties) wasn’t fighting for all they are worth to prevent voter ID’s. And the real records show the last election fraud was prevalent through out.

Another real worrisome executive order signed into law by the (p)resident and the 111th Democrat control congress.  Is the the federal government may now arrest anyone for Any reason.  Detain without due process indefinitely. Really??!

I am sure those who are honest reading what has been done by this administration to subvert the Federal Laws and Constitution.

Now lets review the “protection of the people”. Again there are so many case’s of failure here I feel there isn’t enough space. And makes for a lot of reading.

Right now our nation is under attack by invading force’s. (not talking about children,that’s another debate) We are being invaded by illegals by land, air and sea.  Hostile and possible hostile against the United States.  Al Qaeda training camps in the U.S. (confirmed by the FBI) . 6000 Syrian, and other middle east students disappear. All received visa’s by the Obama administration without back ground checks.  Several thousand Syrian’s by plane loads, given $10,000.00 cash each, turned lose with little trace.  ISIS is throughout the U.S. (again confirmed by FBI).  Their leaders declare war of the U.S. .  Killings and beheaded Americans. With action to manage ISIS.  This list can go on.

Lastly the attempt to destroy the 1st and 2nd amendments.  Through signing by himself and John Kerry the surrendering of U.S. sovereignty.  All to the United Nations.

So I will leave your title of this man and his administration to you.  For me I have a very strong view of my own.  And what the punishment was set into law for such practice.

Remember to vote to keep our Constitution strong. By vetting and voting for those who honor all of it..


keeping In Touch and Fear Nothing

I was told by a very wise friend or two. That if my prayers stop or fall off to next to nothing.  Not to fret or stay in that cloud of gloom. But to continue as  I can. Even if it is what seems small and simple, do so until you can resume your fellowship with your creator.

And we do need that divine intervention now.  Sadly more than anytime in history. The evil the Free World face’s right now is a good start on making Hitler and other mass murders look like a playground bully. With so much of it being built up for decades within our own “leadership”. Making the terrorist sleeper cells look like they are marching in to the tune of a brass band. Ever so slowly twisting truth and reality to justify the dismantling of the American system of government.

Keeping in touch and organizing thought, facts and plans of action. We will need to not be afraid of calling traitor’s just that when we have evidence to that fact. Regardless what lifetime party we or are fathers belong to. We have been lied to and sold out by all of them.  Securing their jobs by selling off the security of the American people. Dismantling the Constitution of the United States and that of each state.

When they are caught, the investigating of themselves has never ended in consequences. While we scratch our heads and backsides wondering who our young people thumb their nose’s at the legal system.

Here in the many post at Tar & Feather Constitution Patriots there is article after article about the Obama administration. From the scandal his first few days in office. His “crew” took Air Force One for a spin and buzzed New York  City. And we witnessed his very first lip service of punishment. With no record of consequences. Fast and Furious, Solyndra and Benghazi. Same results.

There is so much. List of federal laws by the numbers broken or ignored. No consequences. Over hundred out right lies, no consequences.  Job bill approved Obama refuse’s to sign (Key Stone for one). No consequences.

There is so much that needs to be pasted on and not let go of that the media buries. Check sites like Red Flag News and many others checked daily. It will seem overwhelming. But can be done.

This site has had some strange thing come across its path. Some has been deflation of desire to go on.  We got to keep the fight for protecting our Constitution and nation.