Race Baiter’s, Race Haters, and Black Privilege


In the U.S many groups scream that black lives matter and that white privilege needs to be stifled through protestations and historical lies about whites (according to the U.S. Census Bureau those races included in the “white” demographic are: Anglo-European, Mediterranean, North-African, and Middle-Eastern races). North African races are allowed to claim either African or white as their race, and most of them claimed to be white. However when many of those same people applied for federal “minority benefits” they claim they are black to get the MANY benefits provided to them and denied to the white race.

I was born in 1960, and from the time I saw the race riots in 1966 on my black and white TV I thought “Those people are being hurt!”, and they were. Then the federal government began giving minorities benefits that I never could get (I didn’t complain). In my Catholic school they got free this, and free that (I didn’t complain). Desegregation happened (even when it stifled their own education) so our government could say they were being fair (I didn’t complain). Then when the economy tanked I went into the U.S. Navy. I was treated as a second-class citizen next to blacks because they were the minority and I was white (I was silent). For the 20 years that I was in the service of my country this condition existed. Every promotion test I took there was a “race status” box on the test that enabled minorities to excel above me because of their race. Some minorities promoted over me lacked the skills for the job so much that although they were promoted, the Navy was hesitant to put them in critical positions for fear they could cause the death of some other sailor (I began to notice a pattern). Not all were “skill-lacking”, and some were “highly-skilled”.

I retired from the service in 1998 and came back to St. Louis, MO to start my life with my family fresh. My white status did not stand in my way because the company I started working for hired employees based on skill levels and regional demographics. My wife is from Southeast Asia, and she found work equally as fast as I did. After 9/11 happened I started seeing how many blacks got REAL privilege (I began to investigate). A black veteran of Desert Storm needed insurance and a black friend of his told about the many benefits blacks can get from the VA. Keep in mind this man worked in the motor-pool and never saw any action at all. Almost immediately he received 100% disability and free VA medical care for life. He bragged to me that almost all the black veterans he knows get the same benefits and no one could take them away. His monthly disability check is more than my retirement pension for my 20 years of military service. Since it was VA disability he still works full time for the same company as I work for because he doesn’t have to report it. I told my white veteran friend that he should try to get the same benefits but he told he was not a minority and somehow was not qualified for those same benefits. Then the black people living in Ferguson, MO and other places throughout the country complained that the police are murdering them for no reason, even when there is video evidence of no wrongdoing by the law enforcement officer. Their race-baiting group leaders will spin any lie to get even more benefits. They suck-in stupid white people that feel they somehow are responsible when they are not. They even force false race issues at our universities, forcing good people to resign. Then they have the audacity to preach that white people have privilege! Let me school you on this.

Blacks have had the overwhelming privilege since I can remember. I’ve had to work harder than blacks for everything I have EARNED in my life, and I have never had any privilege whatsoever! Blacks have, and still have privilege over me. Your legalized hate groups that carry your “black lives matter” signs are the biggest racists I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing. Evidence of your racism is displayed because you can’t even bring yourselves to carry a sign that reads “ALL LIVES MATTER”, because that would include white lives. Black lives do not matter more than any other race on our big blue earth. Those in the “race baiting” business need to fabricate lies to ensure their money-making racism doesn’t end. They have to make the stinking lies palatable to ignorant and gullible whites to dupe them into helping your racist agenda, and by labeling their hard work as “white privilege”. Your “affirmative action” days are coming to an end. I pray you lose your “black privilege status” in the most eye-opening way possible. Intelligent whites are beginning to see red, not black. We’ve had enough from your brand of equality.




Mommy Dearest

mommy_dearest     Christopher Harper-Mercer was listed as a 2009 graduate of the Switzer Learning Center in Torrance, California. The Switzer Learning Center is a private school for students with learning disabilities, emotional issues and other special-education needs. His mother was extremely overprotective of him, telling neighbors her son was working on mental issues. In an online forum his mother admitted to a reader that her son had Asperger’s. Christopher joined the Army for a month in 2008 but was discharged before finishing basic training (even the Army knew there was a serious mental issue with Christopher).

He moved with his “newly divorced” mother to Oregon from Torrance, California in 2013. He frequently wore the same clothes (army pants and military style boots). He was quiet and withdrawn. Christopher made great efforts to form some semblance of community in online forums, dating sites, and file sharing sites. He collected handguns and rifles and frequented local gun ranges with his mother. He tracked other mass shootings. On social media he expressed a fascination with the Irish Republican Army and expressed hatred for traditional organized religion.

On October 1st, Christopher Harper-Mercer, 26, carried out the worst shooting rampage in Oregon’s history at Umpqua Community College. He killed nine people and wounding many others. He was armed with six guns, body armor and spare ammo magazines. The authorities found more than a half dozen additional guns, and more ammo at his mother’s apartment. While executing the rampage he asked some victims if they were Christians before shooting them. Christopher Harper-Mercer committed suicide after being wounded by law enforcement officers.

Those are the facts as we can best describe them. Now let’s look at the evolution of this horrific incident in purely empirical scientific terms:

  • 1 – Christopher was extremely shy and withdrawn according to neighbors.
  • 2 – Christopher had an obsession with guns and shooting.
  • 3 – Christopher’s mother knew he had a mental disability and condoned his access to guns.
  • 4 – Christopher’s mother accompanied him to shoot guns knowing he had a mental disability.
  • 5 – Christopher’s mother publicly acknowledged her son’s mental disabilities to others.

The president immediately used the media as his tool to demonize the background check process and demand more gun control before even checking his facts. The facts here plainly tell a story of a disenfranchised mother willing to do anything to maintain a bond with her mentally challenged son. She allowed this even if that meant allowing a dangerous situation to evolve into a “powder-keg” waiting to be ignited.

Christopher Harper-Mercer’s mother is responsible (as the facts bear out) for the deaths of those nine victims. She should be prosecuted and sent to prison for life on each count of murder. The ATF should investigate Laurel Harper and determine when she knew her son was mentally ill (obviously while in high school) and why she allowed him to have access to ANY firearms. Instead of helping her son she knowingly allowed a mentally ill person to buy firearms (a federal offense). She then stockpiled firearms because she anticipated stricter gun laws. Laurel Harper should be locked up and the key thrown away. She is a poor excuse for a mother!


Complete Loss of Focus

Little 9-year old Jamyla Bolden sat on her mother’s bed in their grandmother’s small ranch home in Ferguson, MO studying for school. Jamyla was soft spoken and always wanted to please her mother and grandmother. Living in a turbulent city, in a turbulent time, she was focused on being the best she could be instead of succumbing to the push to be with the wrong crowd. At about 9:30 pm the sound of gunfire from outside sent a hail of bullets into the house and room hitting, and killing her. This ended the promise of a possible doctor, architect, or even more. This African-American tragedy never got the attention of protests, demonstrations, or any real media-grabbing as other events in Ferguson, MO do. Other incidents that got attention that week included the residence of 2 young thugs that the police raided. The referenced thugs ran out the back door with four stolen guns and illegal drugs. One pointed a stolen gun at a police officer and was shot by the police officer, injuring the thug. The other thug got away. Immediately the same old crowd of protesters showed up inciting violence and intolerance. The mother of the injured thug pleaded that her son was innocent, and was mentally challenged. That he couldn’t possibly be guilty of any crimes.

I say that mother must be mentally ill, or is by far the absolute worst mother I’ve heard of. She is no mother. She is no parent. She should never have had children because she is an unfit parent, mother, and human being. The father is no father. He is just a sperm donor with his hand out for government money. Every time a thug gets shot doing crimes their unfit mommy and daddy are allowed to get on the news media and blather on about how perfect their hunk of sh*t son or daughter is, and how innocent they are. I think their mommy and daddy are as much thug as their children are. They are drunkards, drug dealers, drug addicts, and prostitutes raising entitlement-prone criminals.

When Michael Brown was shot and people started looting the Governor should have declared “martial law”, and the National Guard should have killed all those looting and inciting violence and arson. I think the news media promoting that behavior should have had their broadcast licenses removed and prosecuted for irresponsible journalism and inciting violence. The vast majority of people living in Ferguson, MO SUCK! They are uneducated, undeserving, stupid, and are dependent on the welfare of the state. To subsidize their income they sell drugs, engage in prostitution, and encourage silence. Crimes are carried out by thugs with impunity because nobody wants to lose the criminal money that they are all so used to getting. They are no better than the pirate towns on the Somalia coast. Ferguson is the new “East St. Louis”. What a terrible pity for promising people like Jamyla Bolden. If there were some way I could pluck them from the sh*thole that has become Ferguson I most definitely would, but for now I can only pray for them. May God please help the people of Ferguson, MO. Amen.



Neighborhood Diversity or Forced Freeloading


Today let’s talk about community and neighborhood diversity. The community, or town that I live in is not a “high income family” community, but does have some upper income families that are doctors, lawyers, judges, entrepreneur’s, and the like. Those families live in high-end or “gated” neighborhoods in our town. Their homes are expensive; too expensive for my modest income. I don’t live in their neighborhoods because I simply cannot afford to. I live in a neighborhood that is diverse with regards to race, ethnicity, and lifestyle. We all work hard for a living, and appreciate what we work for.

As with any controversial idea Obama has, he must use Executive Authority to make it happen. This is because if taken to vote in a proposed bill it would fail the vote. Our socialist POTUS Obama seems to think that if he gives his low-income, and minority brothers and sisters a tax and income incentive in the name of diversity they will be able to move into these high-end neighborhoods. He might even think that they would be able to move into a middle-class neighborhood like the one I live in.

As with ALL of Obama’s ideas this one is also manifested out of ignorance. This is because he has never had to truly live, or work in the “real world”, and make a real living. There are economic factors, social factors, and infrastructural factors to consider here. A person can be moved from the ghetto to a nice neighborhood but that doesn’t mean they can afford to stay there. If they are already living in subsidized housing, then how can they possibly afford to live in higher-cost housing? This simply doesn’t make any sense.

First let’s discuss the economic factors. If the government gave me a subsidy to live in a high-end neighborhood I still would not be able to afford the taxes, maintenance, the upkeep of the property, or the neighborhood association fees that the neighborhood has.

Second let’s discuss the social factors. Let’s say the government gives me a tax break for the property, pays my association fees, and even pays my maintenance costs in part. This would absolutely create an atmosphere of animosity from those that are not a minority or low-income because they must pay the full cost of living in the neighborhood. Wars have been fought over less trivial matters.

Third let’s talk about the infrastructure. If some are getting a tax incentive to live there then who is paying for the roads, bridges, schools, ambulance services, and law enforcement? Eventually these things will suffer in large part because the revenue needed to support them would not be there. If we think that the federal or state governments are going to support the diversification effort that much we must be stoned. That would cost multiple trillions of dollars. It’s not going to happen. This only leaves; again, those that get no subsidy, those that pay the full cost of living in the higher-cost neighborhood. They must take on the burden of infrastructural upkeep. This again makes for unhappy neighbors. Nobody likes a freeloader.

The ignorant POTUS never thinks anything through thoroughly. He hears a really cool socialist idea, and immediately thinks it will work. Nothing he has ever done while in any office of government has EVER worked! What a crappy track record! I’m so glad he’s on his way out the white house door! He is, by far the absolute worst POTUS we have EVER had!

Have a nice day folks!



Police Tyranny

Body-CamerasIn the City of St. Louis, MO I have started noticing people stopping and observing the police when a “law enforcement event” is taking place in public such as police questioning an individual or group of individuals, or even giving a traffic citation. This is happening because the police are not trust-worthy anymore. They have too many incidents of brutality and harassment that are on camera against them. They can’t seem to shake this animosity towards them. Making the situation still worse is the fact that the police now monitor, at will, the general population using various public, private and government security video cameras in St. Louis. The police know where all the cameras are because they are the monitoring authority. They are careful not to get out of line when on camera, but who knows what they do when not on camera? Even if they are not doing anything wrong, the impression they leave is that they are.

According to the Police Officer’s Union the police seem to think that their personal privacy is being cast into jeopardy if they are required to wear “body cameras” while on the job. It’s alright for them to monitor our public life and license plates at will, but when we, the public, want the same courtesy they cry foul!

I think that, as trusted public servants and law enforcement officers, they should be required to wear body cameras at all times where close public interaction is possible. This Police Officer’s Union excuse of “personal privacy” is BS and they know it. They just want to be able to play their same old tricks and games and get away with it. A leopard can’t change its spots. A few corrupt and intimidating police officers have caused this schism between the public and the police to open up. Their union covers for them and causes the schism to get wider.

It’s time for complete transparency by our law enforcement authorities. If transparency does not happen then the flame of anti-police violence will be stoked until it’s an inferno requiring extraordinary methods to put it out.



Masters of Distraction Never Give Up

By all means we need to be aware of everything Ms. Clinton is trying to slide by the probe into Benghazi ivestigators. Her ever e-mail is no longer private when it contains matters of our nation and it security. And should be dealt with by every means allowed by law.

We can not afford to take our eyes off the center of this multi headed dragon. All of these treasonous and scandalous acts lay at many doors steps. Each leading to the Oval Office.  (or golf course)

Its been said Obama and his administration is trying to discredit the Clinton’s. Well hell yeah. Not that she needs help exposing her dishonesty or lack of good ethics. But it sure takes the eyes and heat off of the massive amount of destruction Obama..ok (p)resident Obama has done, will do and is still doing.

We can’t seem to wake Americans up. The major media will follow what ever string the White House pulls without question.

I am going to give a short cut here. That isn’t a short cut at all with all the reading involved. These are sites to help you open the eyes of others. Spread the word..

Please by all means reply. Become proactive. Here are some of the reasons for the intended distractions. These are a very small part. If nothing here moves you to some kind of positive action you have surrendered.



Pandora’s Emails


Why is it OK for elected Democrats, or liberals or those appointed by them to consistently violate the law to suit their agenda? At the same time they pass laws that are not even read, or reviewed in public because they don’t want the public to actually know what’s in them. They also bully those under them to follow and adhere to the laws they subversively pass while they publicly violate that same law with impunity.

Hillary Clinton is a perfect example of this tyranny. Bill Clinton, as POTUS, passed a law in 1995 that states with words to the effect that all government business is to be communicated using government communications only, and not personal emails, etc. The penalty for breaking the law is 3 years in prison, and being barred from serving in government office. While Hillary was Secretary of State she personally sent out memorandums regarding email communications and safeguarding sensitive information by telling her subordinates to use only government servers to communicate sensitive and classified information. This memorandum was sent out because the NSA had determined that China was “hacking” public citizen’s email accounts. In effect, she made sure she could read all their communications but at the same time she compromised national security data and she denied the public and her superior’s access to her official data! She has committed treason (knowingly or unknowingly) by her actions. According to the law concerning safeguarding sensitive information Hillary Clinton broke the law by having her own private email exchange server, and was using it for ALL of the sensitive and classified information that she had officially communicated during her tenure as Secretary of State. So when we needed all the Benghazi details she only gave the investigators what she wanted to give them, and held back what might incriminate her. There are large gaps in the dates of the emails she has surrendered to the requesting government authorities. Dates that include the Benghazi debacle.

What she and other liberals are doing is refusing to follow the law so they can “backdoor” the public, and skirt their accountability. It needs to stop, and by force if necessary. All the laws put into place by Executive Order under Bush and Obama must be rescinded. The Patriot Act must expire.

Our country is a Representative Republic. We have a Legislative, Judiciary, and Executive branch separation for a reason. Checks and balances on government prevent loss of power by the people and “absolute control” by a few. Our “liberal needy” citizens get all kinds of free money, phones, houses, cars, and even tax refunds when they don’t even work so they will follow the “Pied Piper” of socialism to infinity.

For a few trinkets the Native Americans gave away everything until they realized, too late, the real cost of those few trinkets. Then the Native Americans had to be eliminated because of their untimely opposition to the “New Way”.

I wake up every morning and love to “smell the coffee” of enlightenment. Please join me.



Our Second Amendment Rights



“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

As Thomas Jefferson once said: “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

Recently the Obama administration changed the HIPPA laws so the government can have access to all healthcare data of patients. This was signed by executive order. A few days ago he again signed an executive order eliminating M855/SS109 AR-15 ammunition because it was considered “AP (armor piercing)”. This ammunition has been legal for over 3 decades. Why is it dangerous now? Here’s why. Because his paramilitary police are afraid that the people could defend against a tyrannical move by the government trying to overpower the free people.

Our second amendment rights do not have anything to do with sporting, hunting, or plinking cans. It was never worded in such a way as to give that impression either. The second amendment was authored by our for-fathers to protect us from a tyrannical government. Democrats and liberals of all persuasion endeavor to remove the guns from all citizens’ of our United States because they will hold ALL the power and can remove any of us they don’t like and make us do what they want. It was the first step in the grand design of such infamous people such as Stalin, Hitler, and Chairman Mao to name just a few. The main purpose of our Constitution is to LIMIT THE POWER OF OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and NOT THE PEOPLE. A militia is a paramilitary group of armed citizen’s organized without the approval of government for the purpose of maintaining the true “Spirit of the Word” of the Constitution. It was contemplated at length by our for-fathers and strategically implemented into our Bill of Rights. Without the Second Amendment none of our other rights can be guaranteed.

Obama’s plan of tyranny is this:

  1. Ensure that anyone that needs to have outpatient, or inpatient addiction or mental treatment gets it. By using mass slayings and drug crimes as the catalyst.
  2. Ensure laws are subversively written to make healthcare mandatory, and under government control. By enacting the AHCA (Affordable Health Care Act).
  3. Change the HIPPA laws so the government has complete access to all patient health records. By enforcing it with our astronomically huge tax code.
  4. Remove all guns from anyone found requiring treatment for mental disorders. By using the NSA and other surveillance tactics to mine the health care data.
  5. Establish a Socialistic Reform Plan in the U.S. and quell any resistance to the plan using paramilitary police units. By calling it wealth redistribution and Class Equalization.

Liberals and Democrats embrace the progressiveness of this plan, and socialists have a victory party because they’ve won. The absolute ignorance of our youth coupled with the liberal-minded passiveness of our educational system is off the charts and teaches this big-brother philosophy. I feel sorry for them and can foresee their death and destruction by their own inactions. Too bad they’ve been duped by the educational establishment’s sociological promise of “Utopia”. Dumbasses one and all.

I see it plain as daylight,… can’t anyone else?

This just in today (3/10/2015): The ATF has shelved the proposed ban on M855/SS109 ammo. Thank you to the 52 Senators and 238 House members joining in opposition to the Obama proposed ban on the ammo. A special thanks goes out to Rand Paul on this matter for successfully pushing for voter involvement. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., started the petition. “This attack on the Second Amendment is wrong and should be overturned, and a clear, sizeable majority of the House agrees.”



Still At Work

Seems I have taken on a project that is like pumping the ocean dry with a tea cup.

Each time I start on the article connecting the dots between Obama and the Muslim  Brotherhood and other terrorist, foreign and domestic.  Any and all evidence circumstantial or solid to his link. From day one his conspiring to overthrow and or destroy the U.S. from within. Getting close to a good start from the present back to the past is impossible.

A lot like the web site Obama Lies By The Numbers. Great site. Even they can not keep up with his daily lies, deceptions, twist of facts and history.

As with many other sites that lose track,or can not keep up with this madman. To bring them up is easy, read them then remember how many more scandals, Federal Laws Broke, Constitution Laws Broke, Act’s of Treason all by Obama. Type his name at the head of any of these topics hit search. There will be any number article’s on a daily basis.

As for here on this site it will be complete up to date as best we can do. Starting at before America was highjacked by this thug and his goon’s.

If any out there have reminders by all means feel free to send. I hope to hear from you. God willing we can open American’s eyes.



Orwellian St. Louis (Surveillance City)


The St. Louis Metropolitan Police don’t want to put body cameras on their officers because it may violate their rights,… but it’s ok to put them all over our free Metro-St. Louis area and carry out surveillance on the citizens of St. Louis. That’s because they  don’t care about the free-citizens’ rights.

Major Michael Caruso with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police, when referring to imminent, city-wide camera surveillance says, “It’s going to be a huge asset to us when we try to prevent or even solve crimes. This will have video surveillance evidence to find the crooks. What it will do is tie all the surveillance systems that are in existence now through the city, a bunch of private business and even some private citizens who have surveillance systems at their residences or their neighborhoods and stuff. We will be able to monitor these through the police department.”

This video surveillance main hub the Major described is called the “Real Time Intelligence Center”. All the cameras around St. Louis (city owned, business owned, and some private citizen owned cameras) can be monitored in one location. The Mayor, and all the metropolitan police departments are onboard the surveillance oppression train as well.

Did you notice his exclusion of “Body Cameras” worn by police officers? There is no mention of that at all. There is something precariously wrong with an official police department that wants to monitor the free people, but refuses to be monitored themselves. This sounds hauntingly familiar. This sounds like “East Block Germany” during the Cold War. The citizens were monitored and rewarded for informing on their neighbors but the authorities were immune because they were the oppressors. Is this what we have devolved into? Are we willing to sell our last atom of freedom and privacy in order to clutch the promise of security only to be once again lied to like the Orwellian “1984” novel? Wake up St. Louis! I’m going to give you a clue here folks. The Patriot Act requires that all video, and communication surveillance data be shared with the following: NSA, FBI, CIA, and the IRS as well as others. This data can be retained indefinitely.

“Lawmakers can no longer rely on constitutional law and technological limits—they need to proactively seek ways to harmonize constitutional rights and values with the new surveillance capabilities. . . Most people expect to remain anonymous in many ‘public’ contexts, such as entering an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, a psychiatrist’s office, an infertility clinic, or the headquarters of a religious or cultural group. Similarly, even when they are in a public place, most people expect to keep private the information that might be detectable from such sources as the exposed words on a vial of prescription drugs, the moving lips of a couple engaged in hushed conversation, or diary entries written by a person sitting on a park bench. Ubiquitous, technologically-enhanced video cameras could enable the government to routinely capture footage of all of these activities.(The Constitution Project)

“Even if one is doing nothing wrong, a person may not want the government to know his or her every activity in public. And, of course, it is impossible to predict what the government may find suspicious. To quote U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, “awareness that the Government may be watching chills associational and expressive freedoms. And the Government’s unrestrained power to assemble data that reveal private aspects of identity is susceptible to abuse.

In fact, we are well aware of governmental abuse of technology, both by entire police departments and by individual bad actors. For example, New York City Police Department officers have driven unmarked cars equipped with license plate readers through the parking lots of mosques to record the identities of every attendee. Police in Virginia used license plate readers to identify every driver coming into Washington, DC for President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, as well as a rally featuring Sarah Palin. As for individual bad actors, in 2004, a New York City Police Department infrared helicopter crew recorded a couple making love on a roof instead of monitoring its intended target. We need a system of rules to ensure that new technology doesn’t enable even more widespread abuse.” (ACLU Report on the Unchecked Rise of Surveillance Camera Use in St. Louis)

We must ask ourselves this: Are we willing to sell off all our God-given freedoms for an empty promise of security?

Benjamin Franklin summed it up perfectly when he wrote; “Those willing to give up their freedom for security deserve neither.”